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More product updates: HTML5 players and player-level analytics coming your way!

We released Brightcove 4.2 this weekend, read more about features we announced earlier.  Now I want to take some time to let you know about some exciting features we enabled today.

HTML5 Single Video Players

As of today, single video players in your Brightcove account can be enabled for delivery to devices without Flash, like the iPad and iPhone. Brightcove now has built-in support for device detection and your players will automatically load using either Flash or HTML5 - check it out! Create a chromeless video player today in your account and load it up on your iPad.  Watch the short intro video below and read more about our new Brightcove smart players.


If you want to enable your existing players for HTML5 delivery, please read the instructions on how you can do this with just one click!


Player-level Metrics and Comparison Analytics

Pro and Enterprise customers can now view key metrics by player and compare data for up to 4 players at a time. This is a great way to compare traffic coming from players you've given out to various affiliates to see which relationships matter and learn more about the types of audiences for your content. Read more about the new analytics features.

Learn more about all the new features in the Brightcove 4.2 release.