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Interning at Brightcove

I have been interning at Brightcove in Cambridge, MA for a little over three years now. I started as an intern the summer between graduating from high school and going to college at Boston University. Ever since then, I have interned full-time every summer and part-time while going to school. I am now entering my senior year at Boston University and this semester I will continue to hop on my bike or jump on the T and travel across the Charles River from my campus along Comm Ave to the office in Kendall Square about twice a week. Based on how long I have been at Brightcove, it is pretty obvious that I really love working here!

Since my very first summer at Brightcove, I felt as though I was given a significant amount of responsibility. I continue to find it very rewarding to see the work I do being used in real time and knowing that I am truly contributing to this fast-growing and very exciting organization. I have worked in the customer support group since I started, and I have been able to see how the growth of the specific group fits into the growth of the entire organization. My internship experience has been extremely beneficial in giving me insight into the business world while attending the School of Management at Boston University. I have been able to bring my experience from this internship into the classroom on numerous occasions, and conversely I been able to fully understand how topics I learn at school fit in outside of the academic world.

One of the best things about working for Brightcove is the fast-paced work environment and rapidly changing technology. As a customer support intern, I have answered MANY customer cases since first starting as an intern in 2007. It is sometimes unfathomable to think about the product my team supported in 2007 versus the product we support today and how much it has changed. This is indicative of the hard work and effort Brightcove employees across the organization put into continuing to improve the product, giving customers what they want and need, and remaining the leading online video platform. Another great thing about Brightcove is the culture within the office. Not only is the environment very laid-back and fun, but employees and interns at Brightcove are also treated very well! Some of the perks include bagel Fridays, company outings, team dinners, summer happy hour, and a fully stocked kitchen with anything ranging from fruit to crackers to candy, and almost any soda, juice, or flavored seltzer water imaginable!

As an intern in the customer support department, one of the most important things I have learned is the value of treating customers well. At Brightcove, customers are the #1 priority, and I am proud to be able to say that I have contributed to that notion by positively interacting with customers through support cases on a daily basis. In addition to resolving customer support cases, I wear numerous other hats on the customer support and the Brightcove community teams. Over the last three years, I have done a lot of quantitative analysis with regard to weekly and monthly support case statistics, case trend analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, and community engagement within the forums and user groups. I have enjoyed the opportunity Brightcove has given me to work on different projects throughout my internship, and I have learned so much from the work as well as from the people around me. Since Brightcove is a global company, I have also had the chance to work on a team with people located around the world, including the UK and Japan. Even though there are large time differences between us, the team still functions as a cohesive unit.

Brightcove's collaborative work environment contributes to a supportive and encouraging learning experience for me. It is a positive place for me to develop valuable skills, and I love the fact that the work I do is employed in value-added projects for the Customer Support team and beyond. Thank you, Brightcove!