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The Impacts of Social Video

Facebook recently became the third largest site for watching video in the United States, according to comScore data. What does that mean to video producers and marketers? Well, without ever setting out to be a destination for video, Facebook has by default become a leading platform for the most unique views of video per month.

Why is that? Well, people tend to trust friends' suggestions and use social networking tools as a social filter for relevance and interestingness. So when people share videos on social sites, their friends are more likely to load the video because they are more interested to find out what a trusted friend found so interesting in it.

Tubemogul research also demonstrates that viewers finding videos via Facebook are some of the most engaged viewers and watch for longer than if they discover videos on other sites. 

Our recommendation: Make sure to turn on Brightcove's built-in social sharing tools in your players. It's the easiest way to encourage viewers to share your videos where they can reach like-minded and relevant audiences. Or, check out our developer documentation that shows you how to embed Brightcove players into Facebook pages.