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Advanced VP6 support

All of us at Zencoder love new things and we love how fast things are moving in online video right now (for example, we've had VP8 support since the day it was announced publicly). However, there are still many codecs in wide use today that must continue to be supported for some time. We launched Zencoder with excellent support for the most commonly used formats. Today, we're announcing advanced VP6 support. Zencoder encodes VP6 content using Flix Engine software, and we enable every VP6 option that Flix Engine offers. VP6 is a video codec that is still widely used for Flash Video. Its quality is generally worse than H.264 or VP8, but still respectable, and compatibility is excellent due to the proliferation of the Flash Player. So while H.264 or VP8 is probably a better option for many people, there are still legitimate use cases for VP6. We've written up an extensive guide to all of the VP6 options available. When we say that we enable every VP6 option that Flix Engine offers, we mean it.