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Overage Stinks: Zencoder Pricing Update

Thank you for helping make Zencoder so successful these first few months. We’ve had hundreds of sign-ups, and received tons of great feedback from everyone. We’ve listened to that feedback and are building great features into the platform, while continuing to make it even faster and easier to use. One piece of feedback we received was that our pricing plan structure was like a cell phone plan because of the higher cost overage. We’ve taken that to heart and are restructuring our plans so that you never pay more per minute than your base plan cost. This has allowed us to reduce the number of plans and make our pricing page simpler. We’re also dropping the pay-as-you-go price to $0.05 per minute of video encoded. Check out the new monthly plans. These plans are easier to understand, and don’t penalize you for going over your plan limit. In fact, we’re removing the idea of a “limit” all together, so you can encode the number of minutes you need without feeling like you’re paying extra or leaving any left over. We’re also introducing pricing for audio-only encoding (audio to audio, or video to audio). Audio-only minutes now count as 1/4 regular minutes. Overall, this is a price reduction (and simplification). But there are a few points in the pricing structure where things get slightly more expensive. So you can keep your old plan for as long as it makes sense for you. We will not be removing your current plan. However, most of you will benefit greatly from the new plans. Pay-as-you-go customers don’t need to do anything to benefit from the new lower price. Customers on other plans will need to evaluate if the new plans are better for them. Contact us for help in figuring that out. Please let us know if you have an questions around this. Cheers, The Zencoder Team