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MPP Global - PPV Series Guest Post 2

In the second post of our 3 part series, MPP Global's Scott O'Neill takes a look at the landscape from an established providers perspective.   Especially looking at how a major broadcaster and Brightcove customer is currently leveraging PPV technology in their monetisation strategy.  You can find out more about MPP Global here:

There have never been more organisations publishing online video thanks to online video platform Brightcove.  But it can be confusing to decide which platform is right for your online video monetisation requirements.

There are a number of models for monetising online video which include the following:

  • Ad-supported video
  • Video promoting products & services
  • Paid for video content or associated products

Many online video initiatives are designed around the first two revenue models. However these models can present problems if your video isn’t generating sufficient traffic from audiences with the right demographics for advertisers or you are not a direct marketer relying on generating a “buzz” through search and social media.  Alternatively you may want a direct selling mechanism for products featured in the video or you may have premium video content such as a high-quality event or exclusive information/expertise via a feature film that you believe an audience would pay to view. That’s where the third revenue model comes into play, if you have a product which you believe users will “pay per view” a platform is required that can enable users to pay for content quickly and efficiently.

MPP has been working with Sky (SkySports is a Brightcove customer) for some years designing and implementing a state of the art centralised payment service and user account manager that links Sky’s online retail channels which enables the user to pay for content in an easy and efficient manner. MPP’s payment platform is currently integrated into the following:

  • Sky Player
  • Sky Songs
  • Various third party security and storage services
  • TV Service upgrades
  • Sky+ and other hardware

The common payment service operated by Sky has generated numerous marketing opportunities by leveraging other services which share the same payment process since it is able to cross-sell, up-sell and bundle services together to ensure the success of each individual service. This increases the number of opportunities customers have to make purchases whilst keeping the payment journey straightforward and reducing the need for customers to enter payment information repeatedly.

MPP’s solution is now integrated into the Brightcove Platform and can be seamlessly embedded into existing services to give you more flexibility in your monetisation strategy.  You can try this service out for yourself at:
(when checking out the demo link above use the following test credit card details: Card Number – 4111 1111 1111 1111, CV2 – 111, Expiry Date – 01/01/2011)

Scott is the Business Development Manager at MPP Global and can be reached at or call +44 (0) 844 873 1418