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How to Adjust Private Messaging Email Notifications in the Brightcove Forums

I’ve lost enough luggage in my lifetime to know the frustration a customer feels when they expect one result out of a service experience and get quite another.  I’m always a pretty even-headed person when faced with situations beyond my control and usually, I am not swift to blame a customer service representative for a company’s negligence.

However, when communications I've sent out "slip through the cracks" – that’s when I get the most frustrated. Most customers are exactly the same. Sure, a failed service experience can be the source of a customer’s original complaint, but when you have (to quote the movie Cool Hand Luke) a failure to communicate, that’s when many customers get frustrated and often, eventually, angry.

In many community-oriented blogs, great communication is often characterized as the unsung hero who swoops in and saves the customer-in-distress at the last second. However, communication shouldn’t just be the superhero that saves the day after the bridge has snapped and the customer is plummeting to their doom.

Communication should be the cables that support that bridge the customer is on. If you have a strong enough communication program in place to begin with, the customer will never be at risk of plummeting to his or her doom.


Building Stronger Communication Structures for Brightcove Customers

It probably goes without saying, but building a strong communication program is difficult for even the most skilled Community Manager and Support organization. Many companies put so much emphasis on how their organization will be sending messages out to their customers that they don’t put enough emphasis on how customers will answer back. At Brightcove, we like to keep our community abreast on all the ways customers can communicate with us and with one another.

For example, did you know that the Brightcove forum has a private messaging feature that allows you to send private messages to other users? It's a great tool for sharing information "off the record" with community members and Brightcove employees.

At Brightcove, we like to share important tips & tricks that helps make communication within our user community stronger. That's why I'm going to teach you how adjust your settings so that you recieve an email notification when someone in the Brightcove Forums sends you a new private message. That way any private messages you receive will never "slip through the cracks."


How to Adjust Private Messaging Email Notifications in the Brightcove Forums

After logging in to the Brightcove Forums, select the tab which says SETTINGS.

Navigate to the PREFERENCES tab.

Select PRIVATE MESSENGER from the tabbed dropdown list.

Check the box next to "Recieve email notifications for new private messages"

Don't forget to save your changes!