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Hello, Europe and Asia

Our goal from day one has been to provide the simplest, highest quality, and fastest transcoding service available. Zencoder processes video for customers around the world but file transfers to the US are not always fast and efficient (even with the download acceleration we have already implemented). In order to speed things up for our international customers we have been working on first-class support for Amazon's data centers in Europe and Asia. This will help to cut down on transfer times of large video files between regions. Support for processing in these regions is entering public beta today. We are starting by supporting three regions: US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. By default jobs will continue to be processed in the US (Virginia, using Northern California as failover). We have now exposed "region" as an input parameter in the API. If your files are in Europe or Asia, using download acceleration combined with servers in closer geographic proximity should greatly enhance the speed of videos moving through our system.