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Customer Highlight: RKW Productions

There is nothing better than a good glass of wine after a long day at the office. How often, though, do we think about the story behind our wine? Bobby Wittenberg, of RKW Productions, shows us “the story behind the bottle” in vivid HD on his site, “A great deal of time goes into creating our stories. On the surface they’re about crafting artisan wines. On a more universal level, they are about people who took a risk to do something they love.” For Bobby, Brightcove was the clear choice for delivering these mini-documentaries for many reasons but one in particular seemed to stand out: the ability to control usage of his content.

For many people using online video, allowing a video to go viral is an important piece in increasing inbound traffic to one’s site. However, at Bobby’s previous online video platform, he had little control over his content. He also found that consumers could view his videos on the library channel, but never visit his site. He felt that this was bleeding measurable traffic from his website at a time when they needed to be building up demographics. According to Bobby, “We like the added control of being able to decide when it makes sense to allow for viral sharing.”

In addition to having control over viral sharing, Bobby finds the domain restriction functionality to be crucial to their site. “A key feature for us is the ability to create a specific playlist for each client and lock-down players so that videos are restricted to playing on these authorized websites.” Using this feature allows RKW Productions to supply video content to retailers, wine-related media and travel sites, with the comfort of knowing it cannot be embedded by anyone that isn’t authorized to do so.

Bobby used deep-linking to allow for viewers to click on a thumbnail to watch a video. This way, there can be multiple thumbnails on a page, but it appears that there is only one single video player. The single video players on his site are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also conducive to Search Engine Optimization. By using single video players, Bobby was able to create searchable keywords behind the scenes for each specific video.

Bobby also shared some great advice on creating high-quality content: “To improve video quality, you don't need the most expensive equipment. However, the fundamental principals of cinema still apply. You need to light. You need to create contrast. Try to create some depth in your shots. Record decent sound. And tell a coherent story--whether it's to a trade or consumer audience. Finally, know your audience. Imagine how people will be using your website, and in what context they might be viewing your material. And then...always be flexible enough to change.”