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Welcome to the newest Brightcove blog...Community and Knowledge!

Ahhh...another blog to enjoy... and this one is all about you ;).

Brightcove has supported an online community for the past few years, and understands the importance of providing opportunities for BC'ers to interact and share with each other.  And now we're kicking it up a notch by focusing on growing and expanding our offerings in the Communities space. This blog will impart thoughts and musings on what's happening within our Brightcove Communities, both online and off. We'll reveal what Brightcove platform users are up to and what they are chatting about.

If you are not already familiar with our established Forums -- where users and experts alike exchange ideas and solutions about our platform -- we strongly suggest you check it out. We're adding new users and posts everyday and lots of great information is available for your consumption!  Also, look here for additional details and announcements on our growing local user and developer groups, as well Brightcove social meetups around the world (we've got one coming up in San Fran next week!).

Remember, Brightcove users ARE the Community, so we are looking forward to your thoughts, ideas, feedback, comments, etc to include here as well. We are eager to blog about YOU, too!

So where does 'Knowledge' fit into this? At Brightcove we are committed to providing you with the right resources that will make your Brightcove experiences successful. Resources can be in the form of online docs, video tutorials, forum conversations, expert commentary, peer to peer exchanges, or even sharing a beer in a local bar with a fellow Brightcovians ;).  This venue will also provide you with tips, tricks and announcements on useful information, content and resources to assist you in your Brightcove adventures.

The keyboards that will contribute to this blog will include Brightcove Community & Knowledge folks, subject matter experts, as well as guest contributors.

So stayed tuned and welcome to the Community!

Sr. Dir of Customer Success, Community & Knowledge