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Speedups, new codecs, new features

Zencoder launched a month ago. Since then, we've added some great new features and made a lot of improvements. So here's what's new with Zencoder.


Speed will always be a high priority for Zencoder. We don't just want to convert your video well - we also want to do it fast. To this end, we added two big speedups this month. First is multi-connection download acceleration for HTTP and FTP downloads. In our testing, this results in download speedups ranging from 0% to 200%, depending on where files are hosted. (Download acceleration is optional, if you don't want us stealing your bandwidth.) Second, audio and video are now encoded in parallel. For most of our video jobs, audio takes 2%-10% of the total transcoding time. Parallelizing this means an immediate 2%-10% speedup.

New Codecs

We added VP8 and Vorbis support to our platform two weeks ago, when Google launched the WebM project.

New Features

  • Video optimization features, like automatic color correction, deblocking, and denoising
  • We already have some of the best input file compatibility available today, but we expanded that further by supporting a few new formats (including a proprietary video camera format) and a few more types of corrupt input files
  • Granular S3 ACL permissions on output files stored on S3
  • FTP and SFTP input and output
  • A constant quality, variable bitrate audio setting, similar to our constant quality setting for video tracks
  • Lots of little fixes, tweaks, and improvements

What's next?

Look for more speed, quality, and compatibility improvements over the next month, along with some big new features (including new codecs!). And if there's something you wish we supported or wish we would change, talk to us.