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Hoover Introduces New Online Video Experiences with Milepost Productions & Brightcove

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of using a vacuum is likely familiar with the Hoover brand.

Like many organizations with e-commerce operations, Hoover understands the impact that online video can have in the online shopping process. The company recently tapped Milepost Productions, a video and multimedia production company, to create an entirely new video experience for that would help to educate consumers on Hoover’s products and provide technical assistance to customers in need.

Milepost chose the Brightcove platform to support the new video initiative, leveraging Brightcove’s customization capabilities to create a truly unique experience for Hoover. Milepost is in charge of creating all of the video content, which includes a video player for each model, and multiple videos highlighting specific product features within each player.

The goal of Hoover’s new video initiative was partially to increase customer engagement online and to drive sales conversions, but also to help limit product returns and reduce the load on their technical support team. By having detailed product videos readily available, technical support staff is able to direct customers with questions to particular video chapters for further education and explanation.

Brightcove also gives Hoover the ability to distribute their video content to third party sites like and Best Buy in the future. In fact, Hoover products on today are accompanied by links to video tutorials on

We’re very excited to be working with the Milepost team on Hoover’s new video initiatives. As Jeff Whatcott pointed out in his blog post last week, we continue to see rapidly growing interest in online video from retailers like Hoover and we look forward to sharing other great customer examples with you later this year.