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Customer Highlight: The Master’s College

For colleges and universities, it is more important than ever to create deeply engaging websites.  The modern day college website serves so many critical purposes for the entire organization.  It functions as an informational tool for current students, a way to keep in touch with alumni as well as a prospecting tool for future students.  With such a large ecosystem of people associated with the school, there is a great opportunity to create a website that promotes communication and has a community feel.

Someone who knows this quite well is Bryan Kirby, the Assistant Coordinator of Chapel Media at the Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California.  Bryan, in conjunction with the college's IT and Marketing Departments, has put a lot of work into the school’s website and it shows.  The Master’s College has an exceptional undergraduate website that is hard not to explore upon visiting.      

Creating an Online Community

With such a large and interconnected user base, college webmasters have a chance to really tap into the community aspect surrounding their school.  Leveraging popular social networks is a great step in accomplishing this but many times, the side effect of this strategy is that massive amounts of website traffic is driven away from the school site.  “Basically, we were tired of our website taking a back-seat to social networking sites,” says Bryan.  “Brightcove allows us to place dynamic video content on our website (with our information and the ‘apply now’ button right next to it) and make our website the center of our online community to connect with prospective students that are a mission match for our college, and re-connect with alumni.”

Trial and Error

When optimizing your website design, there are always best practices to follow but there is always an element of trial and error involved as well.  This same is true of the online video component of your website.  By leveraging the deep analytics of the Brightcove Studio, The Master’s College has been able to successfully optimize their online video experience.  As Bryan said, “allowing us to see what specific videos, players and pages are getting the most traffic and allowing us to study how and where we are succeeding and where we need to improve.” 


Today, the Master’s College undergraduate website is more engaging than ever.  While their video initiative is just getting underway, they have already noticed some really nice trends.  Both time on site and general traffic has increased substantially.  Creating a dynamic and engaging website is like trying to hit a moving target.  However, with the right tools and knowledge, this difficult task suddenly feels very manageable.