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Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire Guest Posts on Silicon Alley Insider

Brightcove CEO, Jeremy Allaire, is a featured contributor on Silicon Alley Insider today with his article, "The Platform Wars Rage On, Creating Complexity and Opportunity." In the post, Jeremy provides his thoughts on the issues that publishers and digital marketers are facing today in the face of explosive growth in connected device platforms.

Jeremy calls out several major themes that are top of mind for publishers today, including the rising fragmentation and complexity that has emerged in the Runtime Wars on smartphone platforms and mobile devices. Jeremy contends that this will be a "decade long battle" which will in the mean time leave publishers trying to sort through the complexity and determine the most effective strategy for publishing video for the PC Web, the mobile Web, iOS Apps, and Android Apps.

Jeremy also discusses the emergence of the Connected TV, "which is shaping up to be as much about connected applications as it is about over-the-top TV distribution." 

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