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Austin Brooks Magic Touts Brightcove Express

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing from a happy Brightcove customer, especially when a customer goes above and beyond to voice their support for our platform. We saw a great example of this yesterday, when our customer, Austin Brooks, posted an in-depth review of his experience in working with Brightcove, and specifically the Brightcove Express edition, over the last few months.

As you can read about in the case study we recently published about Austin's company, Austin Brooks Magic, he began using Brightcove Express back in November after trying several other video solutions that ultimately could not meet his needs. Since then, he has seen a tremendous improvement in the quality and effectiveness of his video initiatives.

In the review posted to his site, Austin describes Brightcove as "THE killer app for anyone wanting to market with online video." He then proceeds to outline 5 distinct advantages that Brightcove provides, including smooth playback / multibitrate streaming, the ability to automatically update content after it has been embedded, top notch analytics, player customization, and customer support. He discusses in detail how these advantages have translated into increased sales and brand awareness for his business, which is the ultimate goal for any online video initiative.

The great part about Austin's review is that he wrote it because he knows this type of information would have been valuable to him when he began his search for an online video solution. He understands the challenges that small and medium businesses face in trying to market their products, and video can be a great asset to any company when they have the right solution in place.

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Brightcove Express to read the full review from Austin. We are so proud to be a part of his ongoing success and look forward to his input in the future!