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Upcoming incompatibility with Twitter sharing for Brightcove iPhone apps

UPDATE: Twitter has pushed off the date for this authentication API change until August 2010. We expect we'll be able to update the Twitter feature in the Brightcove App SDK for iOS (formerly the Brightcove iPhone SDK) before then, so this issue shouldn't cause anyone any problems after all.

Twitter has announced that they are going to be shutting off their basic authentication API in June 2010. Unfortuntately, the current release of the Brightcove iPhone SDK uses Twitter's basic authentication for sharing videos on Twitter. As a result, until we can complete a new release of the Brightcove iPhone SDK that uses a different authentication API, sharing from Brightcove iPhone apps to Twitter will stop working in June. To avoid sharing errors in your Brightcove iPhone apps, you should:

  1. Update your already released iPhone app. In this new version, include this line to turn off the Brightcove iPhone player's sharing menu:
    bcPlayer.shareMenuEnabled = NO; // this turns off the sharing menu item
    This line should be included wherever you create a BCPlayer instance.
  2. Compile your new iPhone app version and release it as an update of your app in the iTunes app store.

We're sorry about this inconvenience and we'll be working on an updated version of the Brightcove iPhone SDK that will use Twitter's recommended API calls and allow you to re-enable Twitter sharing.