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San Francisco Ballet Launches New Video Initiatives with Brightcove

As America's oldest professional ballet company, the mission of the San Francisco Ballet is to share the joy of dance with the widest possible audience in its community and around the globe. Since ballet is a visual art form, online video provides an important form of content that the Ballet can share and use to strengthen its relationship with existing patrons, create new relationships and further its goal of dispelling the stereotypes often associated with ballet.

For this reason, the San Francisco Ballet has recently launched a variety of new online video initiatives on the Brightcove platform. The organization's website,, now features videos that provide an in-depth look at its principal dancers, behind the scenes looks at some of their most popular performances, and, of course, footage from the performances themselves. Brightcove's ease of use and advanced customization features have enabled the organization is able to deliver a fully branded, chromeless video experience that also provides users with the ability to share content and embed videos into third party sites.

The ability to embed video on social media sites and networks is crucial for the San Francisco Ballet, as it helps to enhance the organization's marketing efforts. They have seen a tremendous amount of interest in their new video projects in just a few months, and recently hired a full-time video producer through a grant from the Irvine Foundation. This is a testament to the fast-growing audience that the Ballet has built around its video content.

In the future, the Ballet plans to publish more edgy, documentary-focused video content that it hopes will attract funding and continued support for the organization.

We're very proud to support the San Francisco Ballet and to be the online video platform behind the organization's increasingly popular video initiatives. And if you're in the San Francisco area, make sure to check out an upcoming performance!