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Mobile Roadie Partners with Brightcove to Provide Easy Integration for Mobile Video Apps

In the past year since launching the Brightcove Alliance partner program, a distinct ecosystem of mobile technology partners has emerged around the Brightcove platform. This, coupled with, our ongoing support for building native mobile apps with our SDKs and building Web-ready HTML5, H.264-compatible website experiences for Apple and Flash, provides our 1,500 customers around the world with everything they need to deliver rich, high quality mobile video experiences.

A great example of the fast-growing ecosystem on the mobile side is our partner, Mobile Roadie, which is a leading mobile app platform that enables anyone to easily create and manage iPhone and Android apps. Mobile Roadie has built an integration with Brightcove and our iPhone SDK to enable customers to build and manage mobile apps that are fully integrated with our platform. This enables organizations to easily roll out high quality, customizable mobile video experiences and apps that provide a rich, engaging user experience for iPhone and Android device users.

Together with Mobile Roadie, we are providing a comprehensive solution for creating and managing video-centric mobile apps that enable customers to take advantage of the fast-growing iPhone and Android user community. The integration enables Mobile Roadie users to automatically pull in video content from their Brightcove account, which can then be re-organized and customized to fit the design and layout of the mobile app.

Big Machine Records recently partnered with Mobile Roadie and Brightcove to launch the Taylor Swift iPhone and Android apps, which were downloaded more than 350,000 times in the first two weeks. More than 10% of users have purchased music during that timeframe. More than 7,500,000 songs and ringtones have been listened to and nearly 665,000 Brightcove-powered videos watched – a clear testament to consumer interest for video-enabled apps. Fan engagement within the app is highly active with fans posting every few minutes.

Many other customers, including several other major music labels, are working with Brightcove and Mobile Roadie to launch mobile video apps in the near future.