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Express Webinar Recording


The Express Account Management team holds a weekly webinar which is a walk-through of the Brightcove Studio.  For those interested in attending, you can register for one right on under the Free Webinars section.  However, if you are unable to attend, please do not despair!  We recorded last week's webinar to be watched and consumed at your own pace.  This online video thing is amazing isn't it?  Enjoy.  


Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction

02:00 Brightcove Studio: Homepage and Modules

04:00 Publishing Module: Building a Player

06:00 Changing Player settings
08:00 Restricting videos to your domain
09:00 Adding pre-roll advertisements to brand or monetize your videos
11:00 Sharing your videos with viral promotion tools
12:00 Styling the look and feel of your player
14:00 Adding a clickable banner to your player
15:45 Choosing and copying your player code

17:00 Media Module: Content Ingestion, Optimization, and Playlisting

17:30 Batch ingestion
18:00 Tagging your videos
18:45 Optimizing your encoding settings for multi-bitrate streaming
22:30 Thumbnailing your videos
25:00 Publishing a single video player
27:00 Creating a playlist
31:00 Publishing a tabbed video player
32:00 Editing video attributes
33:00 Inserting a watermark logo overlay

36:00 Analytics Module:  Audience Measurement, Engagement, and Performance

39:00 Measuring your Bandwidth
40:00 Tracking video views
41:00 Measuring new and unique viewers
42:00 Analyzing your viewer’s location
42:30 Gauging viewer engagement

44:00 Audience Questions

55:00 Editions and Pricing