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Adding more VPAID support soon

Since our last release, we have been busy adding more support to the Video Player-Ad Interface Definition standard (VPAID) in the Brightcove Player.  Previously, we added support for Non-linear ads and now you should expect support for Linear ads in the near future.  If you are reading about VPAID for the first time, we invite you to read about our previous announcements and developer documentation. It is also a great idea to read the specifications provided by the IAB — the organization responsible for the VPAID standard.

Adding linear ad support to non-linear ad enables you to deliver to the Brightcove player two of the main ad formats in the industry (overlay and video ads) using a VPAID SWF. To support linear ads in our upcoming release, we're adding support for events related to pausing, resuming and volume changing.  You can see a list of the supported and unsupported VPAID APIs in one of our developer docs and track our progress but we are excited to get closer to supporting most of the VPAID spec. 

Stay tuned for this and other upcoming advertising features and let us know if you are planning to use VPAID or if you have any feedback about our current VPAID support.