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Why the Brightcove iPhone OS SDK (version 1.2.0) is important to you

I hope you are excited about yesterday’s release of the Brightcove iPhone OS SDK (version 1.2.0). This new version is compatible with iPhone OS 3.2 and the iPad, and allows you to create compelling applications containing video optimized for these devices! To allow you to take advantage of significant updates to the iPhone OS, we chose to break out our API rather than doing a straight port of the old version. You can read more on our Developer Center.

As a best practice, you will want to create an iPad specific application rather then repurposing your iPhone application. Things to consider when creating an iPad application are that the experience of iPhone specific applications is typically sub par on the iPad due to the change in the screen size, usage patterns are different on the iPad versus the iPhone or iTouch and should be accounted for in applications, and the iPhone OS 3.2 offers more functionality and flexibility then previous versions of the OS. Users’ appetite for video on the iPad is demonstrated in the fact that four of the top five downloaded free iPad applications contain video as a central part of the application.

The new OS along with the increased screen real estate allows you to create richer, more engaging applications for your users. Brightcove customers can utilize our Brightcove iPhone OS SDK (v 1.2.0) to create a video application that takes advantage of the increased real estate and improved functionality today.

Over the coming months, we will continue to extend our feature set of the Brightcove iPhone SDK to match and expand on the features of the older Brightcove iPhone OS SDK.

This summer, we will also be delivering the One Planet Application optimized for the iPad and utilizing some of the new functionality in the iPhone OS 3.2.