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Welcome to the Express Track Blog

Hi there, and welcome to the Express Track blog!

The forums and blogs in the Brightcove Community center have always been a valuable resource for publishers, developers, and content producers. But there's never been a hub fine-tuned to the needs of our Express customers - until now. We'll be updating this blog regularly with information and news we think is relevant to Brightcove Express and its users. The direct URL to our blog is


What You Can Expect to See Here


1. Highlighted features

We've always been excited about the features and functionality offered in Brightcove Express. Our customers do, after all, receive the benefit of the same underlying product and infrastructure that our largest clients use. We'll take advantage of this blog to highlight those features we find most beneficial for Express customers, and to offer tips and tricks for implementing those features effectively. 

2. Featured customers

Our customers do amazing things with our product, and there's no better way to get ideas for improving your video implementation than to look at what others are doing well and identifying the areas in which you can improve. Our Featured Customer posts will highlight Express users who excel in specific areas of our product.

3. Product updates and new releases

We're constantly improving the Brightcove platform and releasing product updates. You can always find these on the product updates page, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of which updates apply to Express customers and which affect the Professional and Enterprise side of our business. We'll spotlight specific product updates that are relevant to Express users in these posts.


Get Involved!

One of the benefits of this blog is the ability to gain input from readers. Want us to spotlight a specific feature? Drop a comment about it in one of the Feature Highlight posts. Think of another kind of blog post you'd find helpful? Let us know. Want us to showcase your outstanding implementation? Send an email to your Account Manager so he or she can see the work you've done.