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SPIN to Expand Video Operations to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with Brightcove

Following on the launch of the Brightcove Experience for HTML5 on Monday, we are very pleased to announce that SPIN Media is leveraging our new HTML5 solution to ensure video content on will be available to visitors using Apple devices, including the hotly anticipated iPad, as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch.'s rich video content has helped the site to grow traffic exponentially over the last few years, and new devices like the iPad present a unique opportunity to expand SPIN's audience and drive readership. SPIN, which has been featured on multiple iPad tutorials on Apple's website already, is leveraging the Brightcove Experience for HTML5 in order to guarantee users the same quality of experience that they are used to on the Web when accessing on devices like the iPad.

SPIN is the third Brightcove customer, along with Time Inc. and The New York Times, to announce it will leverage the Brightcove Experience for HTML5 to make its website iPad-compatible. SPIN has been a Brightcove customer since 2008.

This is a very exciting development for Brightcove, as we already have many customers fully engaged with us and looking to take advantage of the Brightcove Experience solution to create high quality video experiences on HTML5-compatible devices.