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New Feature: Chromeless Video Player with Tabbed Playlists

Our tabbed playlist players allow your viewers to easily navigate through a large library of content, making the players a fantastic choice for dedicated video portals or centralized media libraries. Our original tabbed playlist player choices were restricted to a single size and optimized for 4:3 videos, and we received a wealth of feedback from customers who wanted the functionality, look, and feel of a tabbed playlist player but also wanted to resize the player and/or optimize the size for 16:9 video content.

We're therefore excited to announce the release of our newest player, the Chromeless Video Player with Tabbed Playlists. This player integrates our chromeless player window with the tabbed functionality that makes the tabbed playlist players so useful, and the player can be scaled up or down to virtually any size you wish. Feel free to play around with the example below or create a player of your own in your Brightcove Studio.