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Feature of the Week: Domain restriction

The domain restriction feature can help you limit where your video can be seen. You can configure a player so that it can only be displayed in the domain or domains you choose. For example, if you have a player that you want to show only on your corporate intranet, you can configure the player so it will only load on your intranet's URL. Or, if you syndicate your content, you can create a separate player for each affiliate, and configure the player so it only loads on the affiliate's domain.

This doesn't offer 100% protection of the video itself, but it does keep somebody from copying your player and putting it on their own page. If you choose to restrict the player to your own domain, you'll also want to disable the "Blog This & Get Code" viral sharing tool, since the purpose of that feature is to enable viewers to embed your player on their pages.

To set domain restriction for a player:

  1. Select the player in the Publishing module and open the Global tab.
  2. Enter the URLs for the domains where you want to allow the player to be viewed and click Save Changes.

If you have multiple sub-domains and want the player to be available on all of them, you can leave the sub-domains out of the URL. For example, if you want the player to be available on,, and, you can just enter