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Rogers Digital Media Partners with Brightcove and Endeca for Re-launch of Citytv Video

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Rogers Digital Media to deliver a newly re-designed Citytv video theatre, which features a variety of locally-produced Citytv content along with exclusive full-length episodes of popular U.S.-based shows like 30 Rock, The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser.

Citytv is also utilizing search technology from Endeca Technologies to improve the site's search and navigation capabilities, as well as the speed at which content is delivered.

Citytv consists of five owned and operated television stations in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, as well as three affiliates in Alberta and B.C. In re-launching its video theatre on the Brightcove platform, Citytv now provides viewers throughout Canada with exclusive access to HD-quality, full-length episodes of popular TV programs. Citytv is also able to introduce new monetization opportunities for its long and short-form video content through Brightcove's integration with leading ad networks and servers.

With Endeca, Citytv is able to deliver advanced search and navigation capabilities across all of its video content, which helps viewers easily find and view the most relevant videos. Endeca's integration with the Brightcove platform enables Citytv to leverage video metadata to create a rich search experience across video, articles and photos.

This is a very exciting development for Brightcove as we continue to expand in Canada. Rogers Digital Media's Citytv joins Quebecor's Sun Media, home to the popular Canadian portal, and a long-time Brightcove customer in Canada.