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Ocean Spray Introduces "Meet our Growers" Video Initiative with Brightcove

The cool customer implementations just keep rolling in! The latest great example comes from the leading producer of canned and bottled juice drinks in North America -- Ocean Spray® Cranberries, Inc. Ocean Spray, which is based somewhat-nearby in Lakeville, Massachusetts, has been leading the way in the world of cranberry juice and related products for more than 80 years.

Recently, Ocean Spray launched a new video feature on its website,, called "Meet our Growers" using the Brightcove platform. The new section of the site was designed to introduce consumers to the cranberry and grapefruit growers who make up the Ocean Spray cooperative. Through personal stories, photos and video, the Growers’ of Ocean Spray provide an in-depth look at their passion for cranberry farming and the cooperatives rich agricultural history. You can check it out at

The flexible and open nature of the Brightcove platform has enabled Ocean Spray to create a truly unique, customized video experience that is fully integrated with the look and feel of their site. Brightcove also makes it easy for Ocean Spray to create high quality, user friendly video experiences that will be hugely beneficial in educating consumers about the Ocean Spray brand and history.

This is yet another fantastic example of how organizations across all industries are using online video as a strategic marketing tool to deepen customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and to ultimately drive sales. We look forward to supporting the continued expansion of Ocean Spray's video efforts both now and in the future.