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Feature of the Week: click-through Logo Overlays

A logo overlay is a small transparent image that is displayed in the video playback window. Also sometimes called a digital on-screen graphic (DOG), bug, or watermark, a logo overlay can be a valuable way to promote your brand and make sure your brand stays tied to your video content, even when the video is shared virally away from your site.

You can use the Media module to set a logo overlay for any of your videos, individually or as a batch edit. You can also use the Brightcove Studio to set a default logo overlay to use for all of the videos in your account. Your logo overlay can have a link attached to it, so that when viewers click on it, they are directed to the URL you choose when you set up the logo overlay.

Your logo overlay doesn't have to be a static brand image that never changes. You can also use a logo overlay as a short-term promotion for other content. Check out some great examples and ideas about how to use logo overlays.