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Expressive Marketing Blog: Marketing Successfully with New Media

Welcome to the Expressive Marketing blog.  This is the first post, so I thought I'd take some time to explain the motivations of this blog and what you can expect.

Flickr Photo by Rein NommOne of the first things you'll notice is my reference to "new" media, whereby I'm trying to convey that marketing has changed.  Not only has how we market changed (going from one-way, interuptive marketing that was the hallmark of traditional media to two way, conversational marketing that defines online social marketing), but also the types of content and tools which we use to market have changed.   Flat text is no longer enough by itself, with online video, audio and photos proving particularly effective in creating a stronger connection with a target audience or customer around a company's or individual's brand.  These media have been successful because they give marketers an opportunity to tell their story in new and creative ways-- ways that engage, entertain and establish an emotional or sensory connection with their intended audience.    This is called expressive marketing.   I use the word "expressive" because it aptly describes what we as marketers are doing when we use online video, audio and photos-- creatively expressing ourselves.

The goal of this blog is to help marketers learn from real-life examples and understand techniques of expressive marketing and apply them to your business. 

How the world has changed for marketers and why expressive marketing matters.

To give you a sense of what I'll write about on this blog, let's look at what has changed for marketers and what role expressive marketing plays in this changed world.

  1. Your website is now your main salesperson.   Websites have taken over as the main place where customers find out information about you.  Your website has to sell who you are and what you are about.  If it's not memorable or leave a visitor (every visitor is a prospective customer) saying 'wow', then it fails to accomplish it's goal.  Flat text written as if it were a brochure won't cut it anymore.  By investing in expressive media (defined as online video, audio and photos), your website can be more engaging, memorable and be working for you 24/7.   We'll explore how.
  2. Social media has given business a human face.  Social media has revolutionized how prospects interact with potential companies they'd like to do business with.  Tools like Twitter, Facebook, blogging, social bookmarking and other tools give businesses a way to have two-way, authentic conversation with perspective clients, providing a more human face to the business.   Online video, audio and photos enrich this conversation.   Savvy marketers respond to this change by understanding how to use the right tools and make sure expressive media helps increase their effectiveness.
  3. Search is the main way customers will find you.  Google powered over 87 billion searches alone as of December 2009, with a good chunk of those searches more than likely related to your business.  In other words, search helps customers find your business.  If you're not optimizing your business to appear in organic search results, then you're missing a huge opportunity.  Expressive media, by allowing you to create more memorable content that people will want to view and link to,  helps drive search engine optimization (SEO), and thus, leads. 

These are some of topics I'll be exploring and look forward to you participating in the conversation.  Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@garylombardo), Facebook ( as well as other places I'm at in the socialsphere.

 Flickr photo by Rein Komm