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Channel 4 to Air "Embarrassing Bodies Live" Using Brightcove

Tomorrow, Channel 4 in the UK will air "Embarrassing Bodies Live," an interactive online show that will be shown live on using the Brightcove platform. Channel 4 will be taking advantage of the new live streaming capabilities introduced in Brightcove 4 to deliver a high quality live feed for this interactive event based on their the broadcaster's hit multiplatform health series Embarrassing Bodies. The show is being produced by Brightcove Alliance partner, Maverick Television, and will air immediately after Embarrassing Bodies broadcast on Channel 4 at 22.00 GMT.

Embarrassing Bodies Live will allow viewers to have their questions answered, discuss their experiences, upload photos of ailments and have their medical conditions diagnosed live on the air. Viewers will also be able to chat with other viewers on the show's website, as well as interact with viewers through Facebook and Twitter.

This is also particularly exciting as it comes on the heels of several other successful live events using the Brightcove platform, including's recent "Together for Haiti" benefit that was streamed live on Brightcove, as well as the U.S. State Department's live footage of Hillary Clinton's speech on Internet freedom. Channel 4 also recently streamed Tony Blair's testimony at the Iraq Inquiry using Brightcove's live streaming capabilities.