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AM Bits & Bobs

At Brightcove Account Management, we're always looking for better ways to keep our partners informed. As a team, we share these little tidbits internally and I thought it might be fun to broaden the distribution. If you have suggestions, please shoot me a note or add a comment.

Jeremy Allaire on HTML5, Flash and Mobile Apps
Great article about how your Brightcove content is "future-proofed" for the iPhone, Android and iPad. If you want help with your mobile strategy, shoot me a note:

Brightcove Launches TV Everywhere Solution Pack

If you're a broadcaster, this one is for you.

Brightcove Expands Online Video Distribution to Millions of Internet-Connected Televisions with Yahoo! TV Widgets
Who doesn't love easy distribution? Push your content directly to the TV!

Brightcove Live on Facebook
My pal Jeff at the U.S. State Department did a live simulcast of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's speech on Internet freedom to four different sites (including Facebook). Amazing quality, great response, and it was all one video and player in his Brightcove account. If you're ready to get started with live, ask Brightcove Support to flip live support within your account.

Did MTV crack the code?
MTV recently announced that they had found the perfect ad combination for online video: 5 second pre-roll followed by an overlay ad unit. While I can't comment on MTV's results, it's a good reminder that experimentation is critical to finding the right mix for your brand. Brightcove has the most sophisticated advertising support in the industry and we've even got some ad network partners looking to buy inventory now. If you need a hand, let me know.

Did you know: Create an iTunes feed via Brightcove
Carl in Support put together a sample app and documentation that describes how to create an iTunes feed from your content:

New launch: Fox on Demand
We've worked with Fox for many years but now you can watch full-length episodes of '24' on the Brightcove platform. Pretty cool.

Event: Brightcove Developer Meetup (Boston)
If you like Javascript, Actionscript and/or cried at 'Avatar', you should attend our developer meetup in Boston on 2/17. RSVP today:

Event: Brightcove Developer Meetup (London)
If you like Javascript, Actionscript and/or thought 'Avatar' would have been better with Dame Judy Dench, you should attend our developer meetup in
London on 2/24:

New DevTV Episode - "Getting Started with the Media API using PHP"
Who doesn't love developer videos:

New Training Events
If you want to learn more about BEML or pick up some tips and tricks, register for some of our new (free) training classes.

- Dave