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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Speak on Internet Freedom Streamed Live on Brightcove

Today at 9:30 am ET, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's speech on Internet freedom will be streamed live at on the Brightcove platform. According to a CNN article yesterday, Clinton will "lay out the Administration's strategy for protecting freedfom in the networked age of the 21st Century." 

The U.S. State Department is taking advantage of the new live streaming capabilities introduced in the Brightcove 4 platform to deliver a high quality live feed for today's mission critical event.

What's also really interesting about this use case is the broad engagement and distribution across multiple Web properties, including Facebook. In addition to, the event will also be streamed live at, and Brightcove enables the State Department to upload one stream (creating a single title) and associate it with the four different players, making it very simple to virally distribute the content in various presentations.

We are proud to continue to support the State Department's online video initiatives, particularly as more and more government organizations and elected officials are taking advantage of video for live streaming major events.