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Guest Blog Post: How Best to Monetize Your Video Assets

By providing recommended videos, online publishers are able to keep users engaged for a longer period and entice them to come back to watch more. Thanks to our Engagement-based technology, publishers can now serve up recommended videos that truly have personal meaning for users. Those video recommendations are mostly served up on article pages to convert article traffic to high CPM video pages, on core video pages and players, and even on distributed sites to marry your video content with third party content -- all in an effort to drive users back to the site. 

Cracking the code for keeping users engaged and watching more videos is a real challenge. Let's say you are doing a great job navigating users on your site and they are clicking on a second, third, or even fourth related video and watching each until the end. You have reached your goal: users are staying engaged for a longer period of time. So, what is the exact value and how do you leverage this and monetize this engagement through advertising? Or, how do you do it differently than the traditional CPM model? 

I believe online publishers should consider charging a higher CPM on the second- or third-watched videos based on the fact that the user deliberately chose to spend additional time on your site watching specific videos. You have a captivated audience who will view the sponsored message coming before/during/after the video, and those messages may differ based on what part of the viewing session the user is at. That could all be priced accordingly. 

Such labeling methods - which Taboola can help to provide - of "engaging videos" during the video watching session could help organizations like DoubleClick, FreeWheel, YuMe and ScanScout by creating granular labeling and inventory prediction for their advertisers' customers. They would then know how much "engaging content" they can possibly sell for the next quarter and package it up at a higher rate. This effort may yield meaningful percentages of content sold and could be defined as premium packages. 

The bottom line idea is that an "engaged" user can generate a higher ad rate. There is tremendous value in targeting these "engaged users" and now the tools and technologies are in place to make this a reality.

Brightcove's integration with leading technology and advertising organizations plays a key role in facilitating this process and helps make these innovative advertising methods become an everyday part of business.

What do you think?

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Adam Singolda
Founder and CEO


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