No results found and Adjust Your Set win Site of the Month!

In October we kicked off a Site of the Month competition for Brightcove partners. Brightcove partners across EMEA were invited to submit sites to that showed innovative use of video technology, had sophisticated technology integration or were just plain cool looking.

At the very last minute UK Partner Adjust Your Set submitted Pink TV, the Video site of their latest client, UK based Shirtmaker Thomas Pink. What a fantastic site it is. Not only does the site offer great looking high quality video but the team at Adjust Your Set worked hard to ensure the player carried the same look and feel of the overall site to ensure that visitors got a consistent user experience.

The player was built using BEML with custom .swfs for the majority of the other controls.  The player uses custom cuepoints, which fire down the right hand side of the player as the video progresses (all linked from external XML files), which help to drive sales.  The player also includes full screen functionality and links into Twitter and Facebook to facilitate the viral spreading of links back to the video content.

Overall this is a great looking site that uses a clean, branded player that has been carefully customised to deliver a fantastic user experience. The client requirements of using video to help drive online sales, increase traffic to the site and to better engage visitors are being met.

So well done to the team at Adjust Your Set for producing the first Site of the Month and we hope they like the FlipHD Video Camera that we are sending them as a prize.

If you are a Brightcove Partner with a site you'd like to enter into the Site of the Month Competition send an email to

The conditions to entry are:

  • Site must be based on Brightcove Video Technology
  • Brightcove Partner must have contributed to the delivery of the site
  • Site must be live and visible via public internet

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