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LBDG December - Integrating with a CMS

The London Brightcove Developer Group was such a great success last month that we're going to host another one! This time we're looking at integrating Brightcove with CMS's.

We'll be supplying pizza and beer and this time we're going to team up with our friends over at Drupal and run our event at the same time as their Drupal for Video event with some cross talks. Our Brightcove track of the night will be peppered with CMS Integration talks and howtos.

This time we won't be doing a coding challenge, instead we will be spending more time looking at:

  • Coding Spotlights : See what other's are doing with Brightcove, especially around CMS integrations
  • Ask the Experts : A panel of Brightcove Experts there to answer your questions
  • Special Presentation : This week we have a stormer - see below
  • Networking : As always come and meet agencies, developers, consultants and publishers all working with Brightcove

Coding Spotlights:
This time we're going to ask our friends at CMSPro to look at how they've incorporated Brightcove with Drupal for the Economist.

Ask the Experts:
Following on from last time we'll have our expert panel of Evangelists, Sales Engineers, Senior Technical Consultants and Engineers on hand to answer your CMS integration questions!

Special Presention:
Our CTO Bob Mason (the man behind the product!) will be in town to give a presentation to the Developer Community.   We're going to look at what's new with the Brightcove 4 launch and see what's coming up as the company continues to build its vision of Video Everywhere.

This is a group for the community so come to meet and learn from other users of Brightcove!

More details about the event here:

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