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HealthiNation Enables High Quality Video Viewing Experiences with Brightcove

HealthiNation's primary business is in providing health-related videos that educate and inspire consumers to make healthier choices. The videos, which are developed by a team of leading physicians and media experts, provide detailed information about diseases and various medical conditions, as well as lifestyle tips, diet and personal stories.

In a recent interview with Beet.TV, John Piccone, HealthiNation's SVP of business development and sales strategy, highlighted how HealthiNation has tapped the Brightcove online video platform in order to support its rapidly growing online video efforts and to provide the highest quality user experience possible. A high quality experience is absolutely essential when consumers are searching for reputable healthcare-related information and video content, and Brightcove enables HealthiNation to ensure viewers have easy access to quality content where and when they need it.

Piccone also notes that HealthiNation has benefitted from the openness of the Brightcove platform and its APIs, as it has allowed the organization to better track usage and viewing habits and measure the efficiency of their video content.

In another Beet.TV video, Piccone also discusses HealthiNation's syndication strategy, which is crucial in ensuring they maintain control over their video content and their high quality viewing experience.