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Cool UI, silly short shorts on

Our friends at MTV's have launched Dutch West Short Shorts, a fun new "video wall" featuring over 60 super short comedy clips. Some are borderline NSFW. Happy clicking. 

The overall user experience is kind of neat. Years ago when my colleagues and I were playing around with crazy circular players on, we learned that usually - the more thumbnails the better in a video UI.

Atom came to Brightcove Professional Services with this concept. We worked to flesh out the design and bring the experience to life. It's all Javascript and CSS fed from Brightcove APIs. Atom manages content, thumbnails and player design through the point-and-click easy Brightcove Studio. I think the approach works quite nice for this variety of short-form content. With news, sports or music videos, more text would be useful. But the content here is likely all new to the end user, and its the images that sell the video.

Try it out for yourself.