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Brightcove 3.3.1 is now available!

I am thrilled to announce the availability of Brightcove 3.3.1. This release has some cool features for everyone! 

Read on for more details about the release below, or check out the product release notes on our Support site.

Image Capture - 16:9 Video support and thumbnail cropping!
You can now provide a more polished look for your Videos and players than ever before using Image Capture in the Media module to grab thumbnails and video stills. Image Capture now generates video stills that respect the aspect ratio of the video you uploaded, making for a finished look when presented in your video players. You can use thumbnail cropping to highlight an area of the video frame as the promo image for your video. Learn more.

Faster, Lighter Players
All that exercise has paid off! Our players have shed some extra pounds with this release. All player templates now boast a slimmer physique, having lost more than 20% of their size in this release. We are always working to optimize the delivery of your players to provide the best experience for your viewers.

Integrated Player Debugger
Did you know that you can right-click on a Brightcove 3 player and choose to open a new debugger window? This debugger will output messages about events in the Brightcove player and API and is very useful when developing plug-ins using our player APIs. Try it today!

New Advertising API Method: StayInFullScreen
The Advertising Module of the Player API includes two new methods, getStayInFullScreen() and setStayInFullScreen(). These are simple methods we added for developers who don't want players to exit full screen mode when using external ads or override ads. If set to true, the player won't exit full screen when an external ad comes in. Learn More.

Built-in Ad Server
Want to upload videos to your Brightcove account and use them as ads? Check out this Brightcove Developer article that provides sample code and explains how you can do it today. Note, currently progessive download (ie HTTP) content delivery is required to take advantage of this example.

Enjoy the new features and please let us know what you think in the Brightcove Forums.