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History Channel UK Launches New Websites on the Brightcove Platform

We're very pleased to report that the History Channel (UK) recently launched new consumer websites for its History and Military History channels in the UK built on the Brightcove platform. The History Channel (UK) is a joint venture between two other long-time Brightcove customers, A&E Television Networks (AETN) and BSkyB.

According to an InteractiveTV Today article, the redesigned site will feature a range of video content available through the Brightcove player, including content from original History series such as "Great and Telling Tales" as well as videos for featured events from "This Day in History." Site visitors will also have access to remote recording capabilities through integration with BSkyB's TV listings APIs. An interactive timeline feature will also allow users to click on a date to access short-form video content, "This Day in History" articles and videos, Encyclopedia Britannica articles, and a list of programs. Lastly, the sites will feature dedicated mini-sites for series and specials airing on the channels, complete with original video content through the Brightcove player.

Later this year, the History Channel (UK) will also launch redesigned sites for its Bio and Crime & Investigation Network channels, as well as upgrades to a number of its other international channels' websites, all using the Brightcove platform and the functionality of the new History sites.

Poke, which is the Brightcove Alliance partner / London-based interactive agency that also spearheaded the website design and video implementation for the new Manchester City football club site, led the way in the development of the new History sites' design and user experience.

We're proud to continue to expand our long-time relationship with AETN in the U.S. and AETN International. In addition to the new History Channel (UK) sites, Brightcove is the online video platform behind the Bio Channel, AETV, The History Channel US, and many other A&E channel sites around the world.