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Brightcove Video on non-iPhones

There's so much buzz out there about the iPhone and what it means for the mobile online video market.  Sometimes the noise is so energetic that we tend to forget that the iPhone is only one player in the vast smartphone market.

Here, our Regional Director of Sales Engineering, Mark Harpur gives us a great anecdote that demonstrates that Brightcove is ready and available to handsets beyond the iPhone:

During Wimbledon I was watching Murray’s second round match streaming on my PC, it was getting late and I didn’t want to miss the end of it, but needed to get home.  What I needed was an application that would allow me to watch online, streaming video on my phone. Enter Skyfire ( which is a mobile browser with full flash support. After a quick download and install, I was able to watch the rest of the match on the train home on BBC iPlayer and since it supports flash, this means that Brightcove players can be viewed as well. The video below shows a streaming video (note this is full streaming not PD) in Brightcove running on my HTC Touch Pro.

There are a few limitations such as no full screen and you will probably want to use your phone’s wifi connection where possible to avoid massive bills, but on the whole a great experience. Sorry iPhone users, it is only available for Windows Mobile phone or a Nokia phone users so I  guess you will have to wait awhile for someone to create a streaming video app.