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New Publisher Launch:

We just received word that a major television network based in Greece just launched on Brightcove.

Star Channel — — engaged with a Brightcove Alliance Solution Partner, Olyvon, to rebrand and rebuild their site to meet today's modern trends in web usability and content consumption.  

Olyvon leveraged Brightcove 3 to integrate into their CMS to provide Star the distribution platform they need to get their video content to the online market quickly and effectively.

Olyvon, with the help of the Brightcove Best Practice's team (who run this blog), made great use of the Brightcove Media API and our Server Side Transcoding / Dynamic Delivery features to make the integration in the back end really seamless.

On the front end Olyvon's designers really did a great job rebranding and getting the video product well positioned which will really help drive traffic.

Congrats to Star and our partner Olyvon for a great result.