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Guest Blog Post: Qik & Brightcove Partner for Mobile Video Publishing on the Web

Qik, a live mobile video provider, recently joined the Brightcove Alliance, a global ecosystem of more than 160 technology, distribution and solution providers integrating with and building on the Brightcove online video platform. The following is a guest post from Qik's co-founder, Bhaskar Roy, detailing the new partnership and how Brightcove customers can benefit from the integration.

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Brightcove, the world's number one online video platform. Brightcove's on-demand platform lets its customers publish and distribute video across websites, social networks and video portals. Brightcove also provides monetization options for customers through integration with advertising servers and networks. With today's partnership announcement, Qik's mobile video capabilities can now be easily integrated into Brightcove's online video publishing and distribution workflow.

What does this mean for Qik users?

The partnership opens up new distribution and monetization opportunities for Qik users who have Brightcove accounts by enabling them to publish mobile video content through Brightcove players and integrate ads into their mobile video content via Brightcove just as they would for their other video content. It also enables them to distribute their Qik-generated content across the wide distribution opportunities available through Brightcove partners.

What does this mean for Brightcove customers?

With this partnership, Brightcove customers can now integrate mobile video uploads from more than 130 mobile phones into their Brightcove platform accounts, enabling them to add a new, cost-effective source of publisher-produced and user-generated video to their mix of online content.

Key features of this integration include:

  • Automatically upload your videos to your Brightcove account.
  • Share your or any public videos to Brightcove by clicking "Share" under the video on
  • Add tags to automatically organize all mobile content created by each user in the Brightcove Media Module.

Coming soon: The ability to stream live mobile video through Brightcove players.

Pricing and limited offer:

To celebrate the launch of our partnership, we're offering a limited time special offer. Until July 15th, Brightcove customers (existing or new) will receive three months of free Qik integration with Brightcove when signing up for an annual account. This is a savings of $450 per user, with the monthly license per user priced at $150.

How can you get started? Send an email to and we'll get you rolling with a trial of the integration.

Bhaskar Roy