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Brightcove - Endeca Custom Adapter now available from Brightcove PS

When we had a few free moments, a couple of us on the Proserv team cooked up a pipeline adapter to integrate with some of our mutual customers. There have been several requests over the last couple of months from customers that want their video indexed alongside other content types. The adapter is now a Packaged Application in the same vein as SEO, iPhone, and Closed Captioning.

The pipeline adapter will query the Brightcove API during indexing and return the video URL, thumbnails, and other metadata, and then create properties and dimensions that can be searched and browsed as part of any Endeca search application. The video assets are now part of an Endeca record, and a developer can do fun things like play videos from search results, Content Spotlight videos, etc. Some additional concepts that can be done (but are not part of the offering) are features like content spotlighting in videos and creation of smart playlists via Endeca dimensions.

This adapter brings me personal pleasure, as it partners the technology of 2 leaders in the Cambridge Internet tech world that I have been lucky to work for.

Feel free to contact Eric or myself for additional information regarding this package.