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Brightcove Alliance in Action: JS-Kit Introduces Brightcove Player Template with Built-in Comments

There was an exciting development announced today by Brightcove Alliance partner, JS-Kit, which was highlighted in our Pro Service blog, More Eyeballs. Here's a re-post of today's news:

Our friends at JS-Kit have a very exciting announcement today. They used the Brightcove 3 player framework to integrate comments into a standard Brightcove player template. Brightcove video publishers can deploy comments in their players without writing a line of code.

For those of you new to JS-Kit, their tools are some of the most popular on the Web for building social features into your sites, blogs, and now video players. On the front end there's easy to customize comments, ratings, polls and survey tools. On the backend there's a really nice set of web-based moderation and management tools.

The new Brightcove video comments functionality relies on that same backend, but renders the comments right inside of a video player.

After working with JS-Kit on quite a few major video portal projects, we are really happy to see them take this next step. Enjoy.