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Brightcove 3.3 is now available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Brightcove 3.3.

Check out the Product Updates page for a complete summary of the new and improved features.

Some highlights from the release include:

Media Management

Custom Fields for Videos
The custom fields feature, formerly available only to Brightcove Enterprise Edition publishers, is now also available to Brightcove Pro Edition. You can now set up new custom fields for your videos in the Brightcove Studio. Custom video fields are a great way to store additional information about your videos that you want to synchroonize with your Content Management system (SMC) or that you want to surface within your player. You can also use custom fields to save Category or Genre information for your Videos that you can use to drive player organization or send to your reporting system using an Analytics integration.


New UI for setting cue points
The Advertising module now includes a UI for setting cue points for mid-roll ads. You can set a cue point at any point within your video, then enable Mid-roll ads for your players so that you can deliver commercial breaks or interstitial video ads during the playback of your Video content. You can also target ads to specific cue points using cue point metadata (key value pairs). All of our out of the box Advertising integrations support cue points. Read more.

Support for IAB Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)
The VAST standard allows publishers to plug into multiple third-party digital video ad servers and networks without custom development. Brightcove now provides the most comprehensive out-of-the-box support for the emerging VAST standard. Read more.

Player Publishing

Multiple plug-ins
You can configure a player to load multiple plug-ins in the Publishing module. This enables you to send player event tracking data to more than one analytics solution, for example. You could also configure an Analytics integration and a 3rd party integration SWF directly at the player level without having to alter the player template (BEML) at all. Read more.

Multiple domains for player domain restriction
Using the Publishing module, you can restrict your player to one or more domains by entering the URLs the player should be restricted to. This can help you distribute your players more easily to multiple affiliate sites, while ensuring that your player is locked down to only the subset of domains that you specify. Learn how.

BEML and player template features

Custom skins for elements of player components
Introducing custom skins, a new option for styling components of custom player templates. Using custom skins can give you fine-grained control over the appearance of your player templates without having to do any custom Flash development. Read more.

Enjoy the new features and please let us know what you think!