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What our prospects aren't getting from YouTube

I am often asked at cocktail parties whether YouTube is a competitor to Brightcove. My answer is usually something like "Not really. YouTube doesn't work well for putting video on business web sites, and that's what Brightcove is focused on."  Most people accept that answer, and I'm happy to report that our market research backs it up.

We recently ran a series of surveys with our prospect database.  This database includes people who have registered with us and opted in for communication, but have not yet become sales leads.  In the survey, we included an open ended question asking why free video solutions like YouTube fail to meet their needs.  We manually categorized and sorted the answers and the following list is the result.

Top Reasons for Not Using a Free Video Solution

  1. Want to deliver a higher quality experience for my audience
  2. Want full control of my brand
  3. Need a viable long term solution
  4. Want to control the advertising in my content
  5. Don't want advertising in my content
  6. Want to customize the player experience
  7. Need access to advanced analytics
  8. Need to manage a large number of titles

The common theme across all of these items is the desire for control.  Other demographic information from the survey tells us that these prospects are using video to drive revenue for their business.  So it is natural for them to be wary about losing control.

The good news is that Brightcove is ready to help these prospects overcome the limitations of free solutions by making them into customers.  We offer the quality, staying power, advertising options, player customization, analytics, and content management that they are looking for. We just have to connect the dots.