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SEO, iPhone and Closed Captioning - now available from Brightcove Pro Services

In a previous post about building mature online video businesses, I wrote that SEO usually becomes important to a video business after the "hey kids lets put on a show" phase of getting some clips up on a website. This used to take 18 months or so, but is now happening right at the start of a new engagement.

In response to high demand for SEO-focused projects (and a few other new trends) I'm proud to unveil three new Brightcove Pro Services packages. What might you ask is a "package" and what makes it different from the usual project? Professional Services projects are usually highly customized and involve a period of discovery and requirements gathering at the start of the project. This adds both time and cost to the overall project. But a package is much easier. It's like a tasting menu at a high-end restaurant, or a value meal at a fast food place.

  • Very predictable timeline
  • Very predictable fixed-price cost/budget
  • Proven ROI for other clients

Like other projects though, packages are:

  • unique design to fit your brand
  • you own the finished code, making it often easy and cheap to update and reuse internally over time

The new packages are -

Tweet or contact me through other means for more information, datasheets and such. Brightcove Pages is one of three new Professional Services packages now available. Click here for more information on the other packages.