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McKesson Taps Brightcove Online Video Platform for Corp Com, HR and Training


Brightcove is often thought of as a online video platform for "big media." While we count among our customers large broadcasters (Fox Entertainment Group, Discovery Communications, A&E Television Networks), newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post), magazine publishers (Conde Nast, Time Inc.) and music labels (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group), the fastest growing part of our business is actually comprised of marketers, enterprise organizations, non-profit associations, government agencies, and hundreds of small businesses. And the use-cases for online video represented by this "non-media" customer segment is as varied as the businesses and organizations themselves.

A fantastic example of this trend is McKesson Corporation. A Fortune 500 company (#15) and the oldest and largest health care services provider in the US, McKesson has standardized its online video operations on the Brightcove platform. But unlike media companies that are focused on distribution and advertising, McKesson is using Brightcove primarily for corporate communications, HR and employee training. With more than 32,000 employees, internal communications is a significant undertaking that requires a solution that meets security requirements, scales for diverse networks conditions, and adapts to wide-ranging organizational demands, which is why McKesson chose to outsource operations to Brightcove's software-as-a-service platform. 

Beet.TV recently sat down with McKesson's Director of Internal Communications, Jeff Stalcup, to discuss how the company has embraced online video to enhance their communication programs. You can see the interview below and learn more about non-media online video use-cases in Brightcove's solution center.