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iPhone/iPod Touch formatted video website

The Brightcove iPhone Video Site package is a quick way to get all or part of your content library ready to watch on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Brightcove Professional Services will work with you to customize, develop and launch a specially-formatted website that renders perfectly on an iPhone. You can deliver your full content library or a selection of playlists. After launch, no added development or additional steps in your workflow are required to update your iPhone site on an ongoing basis. When you add a new video to a playlist in the Brightcove Studio, it will update automatically on the iPhone site. This package utilizes H.264 video, which has been supported by Brightcove for some time. The videos do not play in Flash on the iPhone, but natively via Quicktime.

  • Includes either all videos in an account or selected playlists
  • Design customization - add a logo and choose an accent color of the site
  • Production workflow consultation
  • Training and hand-off to your team
    • Tweet or contact me through other means for more information, datasheets and such. Brightcove Pages is one of three new Professional Services packages now available. Click here for more information on the other packages.