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Brightcove "Pages" - Video SEO in a box

Brightcove Pages combines a set of proven best practices to maximize your site traffic. Brightcove Professional Services will work with you to customize and launch a video experience optimized for search engines. The site will incorporate a variety of best practices to drive traffic and hold onto your viewers, such as comments, ratings, most popular videos and more. The best part - the site will run on your own systems and blend into your existing site design.


What's included? A lot...

  • Java, PHP or ASP.Net server files to run on your system
  • Editable CSS files to control look and feel
  • Consultation with Brightcove Design team and customization of look and feel to match your site's design. This includes logo or inclusion of your site header, and choice of primary colors for website (type, borders, etc).
  • Each video plays on its own page
  • Optional comments and ratings per video, powered by JS-Kit, Pluck or social service that is as easy to integrate
  • Keyword search and associated search results page
  • Cross promotion of content - Related Videos, Most Popular Videos, Newest Videos
  • Post video bookmark to Facebook and social bookmark services
  • Google Analytics or Omniture integration
  • Basic ad integration for preroll and one synched IAB-standard banner in DFP, Tremor, OAS or AdTech systems
  • Proven SEO best practices for metadata presentation

Tweet or contact me through other means for more information, datasheets and such. Brightcove Pages is one of three new Professional Services packages now available. Click here for more information on the other packages.